Blood Elixir, Liquid Chlorophyll

Happy Halloween Yesterday👻 Happy Chlorophyll Today!🥦

If you are feeling as tired as I’m after a late night with your kids trick or treating, the least you can do is infuse your family with immune system support items! [We know that immune system is compromised when we are tired]. We do enjoy green juices and we take vitamin C daily but we also like plain filtered water with liquid chlorophyll. We call it Blood Elixir and you can get a free sample at the Nutritious You Shop. It’s easy to drink as it has almost no taste. Your body absorbs it wonderfully in a liquid form, cleanses your blood from pathogens, alkalizes your body, gives oxygen to blood cells, and as a great side effect it strengthens your immune system. Another cool side effect is if you drink it every day you won’t need to use deodorant! It cleanses the body to the point so the sweat glands don’t produce any smell👌🏼Cheers to chlorophyll, one of the first life giving organisms on Earth!

Blood Elixir is Available at the Nutritious You Shop!

You can get a shot or a family size bottle! Come on over and try a free sample!

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