Alkalizing Food and Live Blood Test Offered at Nutritious You Shop

In the July 2016 Issue of Siesta Sands newspaper, we talked about alkalizing vs acidifying foods. We shared how, in order to maintain a healthier state, we need to eat at least 70% of alkalizing foods on a daily basis. After all, we are what we eat. One of the missions of Nutritious You brand is just that, to provide you with alkalizing clean food.  Those include fresh juices, take-out meals, and nutrient-dense snacks. Check out the Siesta Sands article here.

Orange Carrot Ginger Turmeric JuiceTo give you more information on the topic and add a little extra to our offerings, we have invited Brandi Stewart, Nutritional Microscopist from Tampa, FL. Brandi is coming for the second time, due to a popular demand. She is bringing her equipment to the Nutritious You shop on October 13th, 2016 and will be offering Live Blood Nutritional Analysis Test. It basically means you will be able to see your own blood cells on the computer screen, live. She will be able to pin point any possible maladies by analyzing your blood cells. For instance, you can see if you just had an acidic meal, or if you have yeast or heavy metals in your blood, if your adrenals or hormones in a healthy state or not.

It is also a great opportunity for those who took the test in the past to re-check and see the changes in your health. Hopefully those are the positive ones. Why make resolutions on January 1st if you can start today. You have plenty of time to make positive changes!

Check out the Blood Test Analysis Flyer for more information.

When: October 13, 2016

Where: Nutritious You Shop

Time: Must make an appointment: 941-203-5203

Price: $50 for Live Layer Test, 30 minutes, $10 cash (or $10.50 CC) deposit required.

$99 for Dry Layer Test, $99 minutes, $20 cash (or $21 CC) deposit required.

Note: DO NOT eat two hours before your appointment. Water is ok, but no solid food/coffee for best results. Check out the pictures of different blood cells here to learn more about the test.

Blood Test Deposit

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Cathi Castro

Do you think you will have any future dates on a weekend. It is so hard for me to get there during a weekday.
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Cathi Castro

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