Be Our Eco-Hero!

We are excited to introduce our new program!✨
If you shop with us, you know we have some of the highest standards when it comes to being a green take-out food service. We take climate change issues seriously🌍. We don’t ever use styrofoam or triple layer non-recyclable plastic🥤. Our containers are 95% compostable and we are working daily on improving it and getting closer to 100%. Our food scraps are all collected and picked up by a local public garden. We are also a part of the Reducing Plastic Workgroup facilitated by Sarasota County.


We are taking one step further and by participating in our new program, you become Our Eco Hero!🎖Check out the details! Free hug is included🤗😁

Bring your own containers and get a discount!🥤🥣🍽.

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