How to Become Vegan?

How to Become Vegan? Here is my intake.

Here is a quick and easy way to transition to a vegan lifestyle!

  1. Try your first juice cleanse for one day. Next season, try a three day juice cleanse. Three months later, repeat your three day cleanse or (if you are up for it) go for the whole week. The juice cleanse is not only great for purpose of cleansing your body, but it also serves as a “reset” button for your daily dietary choices. The more you do it, the more you will be inclined to consume less toxic foods in the future. I highly recommend doing it with the help of specialist (nutritionist, health coach, etc)
  1. Watch the movie EarthlingsAnyone consuming meat should at least know a bit about the process.
  1. The World Peace DietRead “The World Peace Diet”, a book by Dr.Will Tuttle. This book might turn you vegan overnight. I personally know some people in my community. Btw, Dr. Tuttle just visited Sarasota last weekend.
  1. Attend local MeetUp groups and research lectures available in your area. Commit to going to at least one every three months. There are plenty of well-known people in the wellness world that are on a mission to bring you the information. Some of the names to look for are: Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Brian Clement, Victoria Moran, Matt Monarch, David Wolf, Dr. Will Tuttle, Dr Joel Furhman and many others. They have their travel schedules on their websites.

It is not easy to steer away from the traditions of the mainstream society. Some do it gradually, like I did, and some just turn vegan over night. Ultimately, it is an individual journey of your own choosing.

If you’ve switched to a vegan diet, please share what was the trigger for you!


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