Potluck with Dr. Will Tuttle Followed by His Lecture, Sarasota FL

If you are:

  • located in the Sarasota, FL area
  • interested in increasing the amount of plant-based choices in your diet
  • curious to learn where your food comes from,

Join me at this communal event, Potluck with Dr. Will Tuttle in Sarasota FL, followed by his lecture! Go to MeetUp.com, join the VegSarasota group and RSVP to the event below. You can also confirm with me and I’ll add you as a guest. It’s a potluck followed by Dr. Tuttle’s lecture. You can meet him personally and have him sign his book at the event:

Meet Dr. Will Tuttle live, in Sarasota, FL


Dr Will Tuttle has been one of the key influences in my nutritional/wellness journey. My definition of wellness was enriched and multiplied after I read his book, The World Peace Diet. It’s not that information was new to me, but it was the amount of statistics and research that this book offered. It was the “icing on the cake” for my final decision to never eat meat again. This book has converted many people into vegans overnight. Wellness as I know it now is not just of my own, but it is a wellness of the entire living organism which I am a part of. Whatever affects me, equally affects my neighbor, my planet, my universe. I am so grateful for his knowledge.

Get influenced by the best!


P.S. Check out if he is coming to your area in 2015: http://www.worldpeacediet.com/upcoming-events

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