Nutritious Story Book for Kids

Yummy Tummy Rainbow Garden, Teaching Children of all Ages to Eat Well.

yummy tummy rainbow gardenIf you are looking for a great storybook that will also educate your child about making smart nutritious choices, I recommend Yummy Tummy Rainbow Garden. It is especially dear to me because I know a little bit how this book came to be.

My daughter was lucky enough to go to Earth Angels, a green preschool owned and run by Karen Leonetti in Sarasota, FL. Karen not only survived a deadly disease, but she also built up her immune system over the last 15 years to stay healthy. She applied the lessons learned in recovery to her school as kids played in the dirt planting seeds and had Green Monster smoothies from organic veggies and fruits.

Karen was always able to use her vivid imagination and connection with children to share compelling stories with her students. Finally, friends and family convinced her that she had to write a book to share the power of her story beyond the immediate community.

Needless to say, I apicking up a few books from Karen Leonettim incredibly excited to share this book with my kids. In fact, I just picked up some copies to give to all of my child’s teachers. You won’t find GMO pizza or antibiotic-induced milk in Karen’s book. In fact, if you read it in the company of several kids, you may stir up a discussion on what celery does to their bones, and how it makes them feel stronger and run faster. That was what actually happened in my daughter’s class. The kids actually talked about broccoli and other veggies and analyzed their lunches in their own thoughtful ways! It is exciting to think of this knowledge being nourished in other schools and other homes outside of our community. Think of the impact it could have!






If you would like to invite Karen to do a book reading to your little ones, please contact her here

Karen Leonetti is a child development specialist and a fun fresh food expert. Her mission is to get children and families excited about growing a backyard garden and eating freshly grown, unpackaged foods. She and her husband, Danny, operated their Eco-Green preschool for 17 years together. Leonetti is a cancer survivor-thriver since 1993 from pesticide poisoning. Her cancer experience catapulted her to write her first children’s nutritional storybook adventure. Her colorful book is titled “Yummy Tummy Rainbow Garden.” She loves teaching fresh food fun workshops, coaching parents to live harmoniously with their children, gardening as a family for sustainability and eating well. Her enthusiasm is contagious!

Visit her website for more information.

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