Nutritious You Crackers at the Earth Origins Market

Hey Sarasota Community, Friends, and Visitors!

We are so excited to announce that now you can purchase Nutritious You crackers from the shelves of the Earth Origins Market. This store is especially dear to our heart because we have been shopping there for the last eight years even before Nutritious You was born. Now our shop/food production facility is located right near, just across the Stickney Point Bridge on Siesta Key, so close that you can walk back and forth!

We are asking for your support! When you buy, a bag of Nutritious You crackers at Earth Origins, you support local artisan small batch production. It is very simple. You create more opportunity and stability for our team and, in return, you get more locations that offer our healing, high-vibrancy food.

Please share the love and pick up a bag while you are doing your grocery shopping. Meanwhile we will be working on creating more convenience for you and identifying more places where you can get our flavorful healthy offerings from.

And don’t forget to visit Marina, the crackers creator on Thursdays around noon at the Earth Origins on Sticky Point. You will get to taste different flavors and ask her any questions about us!

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