Nutritious You Products Video

Nutritious You Products Video. Please watch this two minute video to learn about our nutritious products and production process:

You can learn more in details about the products and production process in the “Production” page. You can leave any comments or feedback about the products below in the comments section. We are looking forward to haring from you!

Nutritious You Team



I received 3 samples of Nutritious You snacks. They were the Onion & Garlic crackers, Rosemary walnuts, and Veggie Pulp crackers. My favorites were The Rosemary walnuts and the Veggie Pulp crackers. Not being a huge vegetable fan myself, I was surprised that the Veggie Pulp crackers tasted delicious, the spices gave it a tasty flavor and I loved it! The Rosemary walnuts were my absolute favorite, with every walnut you get the taste of Rosemary, paprika Himalayan salt, the coconut sugar and the olive oil, it was pure deliciousness, in my opinion, it was the best out of all 3 of them. I lastly tried the Onion & Garlic crackers, they were good at first when I bit into them, but then came a strong onion flavor, I love onion, don’t get me wrong, but it was a bit to much for my tastebuds, all I could really taste from the crackers was onion, that was pretty much the only flavor I can taste. Everyone has different tastes, so I’m gonna leave the last one up to you! I actually really enjoyed these snacks and would definitely recommend for you guys to give it a try, because these snacks are quite tasty. Also, (Nutritious You) you should consider putting how many calories are in each serving size, because I like to know how many calories there is in the food I am eating and that information can be important to other people to that are strict in counting their daily calorie intake. Thank you again for the samples!

Masha R

I loved veggie pulp and beet crackers ( especially beet crackers)! They are delicious, go excellent with cheese and by themselves as a snack. And they are healthy and light – you do not feel super full after ( even though I ate a lot of them). Thank you very much!

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