The Waste Reality 

The rate at which solid waste is being dumped around the world is alarming. According to a recent report by World Bank, waste being produced globally will almost double by year 2025. This will see solid waste increase from about 3.5 million tons to a whopping 6 million tons each day! This statistics spells chaos to flora and fauna in their natural habitat. If you can’t use reusable containers, recycling is a must, it is one of the best ways to ensure that we don’t reach a catastrophe point. Currently 90% of floating marine debris comprise of plastic. While it may shrink over a long period of time, it won’t disappear completely.

The Choices Your Can Make 

Nutritious You Snacks and Take-out Meals is a product line that is committed to making healthy, nutritious food while ensuring that the environment is kept safe and least effected. We do this by:

  • collecting all the food scraps for a local garden’s compost;
  • recycling all the glass, plastic, and metal;
  • using eco-friendly packaging along with our healthy food;
  • using only organic ingredients so natural food comes from the Land and goes back to the Land without chemical residues.

The packaging we use  is quite unique. We use 90% compostable parts (which you can safely dispose in the compost section of the trash) and 10% recyclable parts which you can easily recycle. To determine which package to compost and which to recycle, simply read the label embellished on that particular package.

We never use double-layered plastics.  We encourage the use of compostable

a sample of double-layered plastic, non-recyclable

because they are biodegradable and consequently cause less harm to the environment. When you choose Nutritious You take-out, you’ll be taking a proper care of your health as well as the environment. It’s an amazing win-win!

Say NO to Styrofoam & Double-Layered Plastic

It’s important to ensure that the other places you get your take-out from don’t use Styrofoam packages since it is the worst pollutant. It can cause irritation of the skin, eyes, respiratory tract and other body parts. It is the worst possible choice for take-out meals and unfortunately so many restaurants are still using it.

#BeTheChange and refuse #styrofoam #VoteWithYourWallet

Talk to the managers of those establishments that still use styrofoam and request a different material for your take-out meal.


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