Nutritious You is Going to #EXPOEast !

An amazing event is coming up for #NutritiousYou #HealthySnacks. The countdown begins today and it’s getting more exciting as we start packaging the boxes to be shipped to Baltimore!

ExpoEast is a huge trade show for natural products of all sorts starting with healthy snacks and ending with supplements, body care, and eco-friendly anything. It is my kind of paradise.

Last year, I went there as a visitor and had a blast. I saw amazing people that are a driving force in the natural industry. This year, while I won’t be able to roam around too much, I am excited to be presenting my product line. If you are going to the event, please stop by our booth #8228 to say hello and to taste our snacks. We will be presenting 4 products this time:

~VeggiePulp crackers, made out of mainly carrot pulp and some amazing spices
~SweetBeet crackers, made mainly from beets, for those with sweet tooth
~CheezyKale chips, cheesy but dairy free
~Rosemary Walnuts, full of healthy oils and savory flavor.


Nutritious You Snacks are:

~ Gluten Free
~ 99% Organic
~ No preservatives
~ No chemicalized artificial dyes/food colors
~ No yucky stuff!
~ Dehydrated at a low temperature to preserve nutrients
~ Raw & Vegan

Please use the contact tab for any questions.

Fruit Leather Rolls Recipe

Fruit Leather Rolls Recipe

These Raw/vegan fruit treats are free of white sugar, uncooked so all the fruity nutrient goodness is  still there. This recipe is yummy, so easy to make, and it is a much healthier treat for the kids. I tested it on quite a few children and everyone loved it. You don’t need to feel guilty when you eat Nutritious You Treats!

Nutritious You ™ Trademark


TrademarksymbolSuper-Exciting News! Nutritious You LLC has submitted the application for federal registration of the Nutritious You Trademark. Now when you see ™ near the name, you know what I mean!