Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe

I just had a pleasure chatting with Marie Oser, the healthy lifestyle expert, environmental advocate, and a president and host of She’s been vegan since 1990. She shared with me her favorite “turkey” dish, vegan Thanksgiving recipe.  I will be making it for the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner (to try and convert my family to turkey free dinner, shhhhhh……!!!). I wanted to share the recipe with you right away so you have plenty of time to get the ingredients and maybe even practice once.


Festive Vegan Holiday Roast

Save the planet, save money, save a turkey!

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Vegan Turkey, Festive Thanksgiving Dinner


Stay tuned for a mouth watering Cranberry Chutney recipe!

Halloween Healthy Scary Snack For Kids

I wanted to bring a Halloween themed snack to my daughter’s school, here is my version of Healthy Scary Snack for Kids:

Halloween Healthy Scary Snack For Kids

All Organic Ingredients:

apples, peanut butter, and pine nuts.

Decorations on top are optional. I used dry apricot halves and a tiny bites of marshmallow for decorations. I secured everything with a toothpick.


Cut apples to four quarters and immerse them into a bowl with filtered water and several spoons of lemon juice, so the apples don’t oxidize right away.

Cut out the wall of each quarter so there is an open space for peanut butter and teeth (pine nuts).

I hope you enjoy this scary but healthy and yummy treat together with your kids! If you have another healthy treat idea, please let us know!

Harvey Diamond, a Living Legacy of Nutritional Wisdom

You know that feeling when you see someone walking a dog, running or biking by your house everyday and that person becomes almost like your family member? Well, there was this man riding his bike in the same outfit every time I drove on our street. Each time I saw him I wondered, “ Who is this guy exuding positive energy (sorry, I always pay attention to people’s energy) and why is he wearing the same outfit all the time?”

Harvey Diamond - Fit For Life

Harvey Diamond and Marina Sommers at the Fruitville Grove Pumpkin Fest

I soon found out when I was working at the Fruitville Grove Pumpkin Fest when I saw the same guy in the same white t-shirt and black shorts! I had to tell him that I knew him from our street! He then told me his amazing story.

When he was just 21, he was stationed in Vietnam and was exposed, like so many others, to Agent Orange, one of the heavy herbicides that has a long list of grim side effects. It took years for him to notice any changes in his body, but eventually his muscles started to give up on him and over time he has increasingly lost the use of his hands. He discovered Peripheral Neuropathy first hand. While most of the other veterans exposed to Agent Orange have passed away, he is still alive and in great shape. Even though he was unable to pick up the samples from my table, he had a happy energy and demeanor. As it turned out, he always wears the same outfit because they are the only clothes he can put on. He needs a special device to work on the computer and he has had to adjust greatly to perform his daily activities.

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Nutritious You is Going to #EXPOEast !

An amazing event is coming up for #NutritiousYou #HealthySnacks. The countdown begins today and it’s getting more exciting as we start packaging the boxes to be shipped to Baltimore!

ExpoEast is a huge trade show for natural products of all sorts starting with healthy snacks and ending with supplements, body care, and eco-friendly anything. It is my kind of paradise.

Last year, I went there as a visitor and had a blast. I saw amazing people that are a driving force in the natural industry. This year, while I won’t be able to roam around too much, I am excited to be presenting my product line. If you are going to the event, please stop by our booth #8228 to say hello and to taste our snacks. We will be presenting 4 products this time:

~VeggiePulp crackers, made out of mainly carrot pulp and some amazing spices
~SweetBeet crackers, made mainly from beets, for those with sweet tooth
~CheezyKale chips, cheesy but dairy free
~Rosemary Walnuts, full of healthy oils and savory flavor.


Nutritious You Snacks are:

~ Gluten Free
~ 99% Organic
~ No preservatives
~ No chemicalized artificial dyes/food colors
~ No yucky stuff!
~ Dehydrated at a low temperature to preserve nutrients
~ Raw & Vegan

Please use the contact tab for any questions.

Fruit Leather Rolls Recipe

Fruit Leather Rolls Recipe

These Raw/vegan fruit treats are free of white sugar, uncooked so all the fruity nutrient goodness is  still there. This recipe is yummy, so easy to make, and it is a much healthier treat for the kids. I tested it on quite a few children and everyone loved it. You don’t need to feel guilty when you eat Nutritious You Treats!

Nutritious You ™ Trademark


TrademarksymbolSuper-Exciting News! Nutritious You LLC has submitted the application for federal registration of the Nutritious You Trademark. Now when you see ™ near the name, you know what I mean!