Reuse, Recycle, Compost!

5 terrifying facts about plastic:


If we continue with trashing our planet at this rate, our kids might be covered in bottles by year 2050! Fortunately, there are some changes for the better happening in the food industry. For example, some local restaurants have moved to compostable containers already.  Unfortunately,  there are no compostable facilities here in Sarasota, FL so it all ends up in landfill and it will take forever to disappear.  It is also important that the compostable containers don’t get into recyclable bins so as not to spoil the whole recycling batch. If only someone took it as a busines opportunity and founded a commercial composting facility!

Now, two weeks before the Nutritious You Shop opens, I am consumed with what kind of containers to buy for a few take out items that we will have. Do you have any recommendations? I am working hard on trying to make it as green as possible and would love to hear any input on how to reduce the amount of plastic. I appreciate any ideas!

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