Siesta Snacker

We would like to feature the Siesta Snacker in this article. It is one of our very popular items on the menu and here is why. Three little tortilla wraps are corn-free and chock-full of organic fiber. They come with our mock taco meat or avocado, jack “cheese” spread, and a a few veggie bites and greens to add some crunch. As you may know, raw vegan food can be very filling and satisfying, you will be comfortably full without heaviness in the stomach.

Siesta Snacker1

You can now order them and other menu items online and pick it up at the shop during business hours. To order, go to Order Online to Grab & Go section.

You can also order round tortillas separately with our mock taco meat and jack cheese. With these three items you will be able to create your own tacos at home adding your favorite veggie fillers later.


Nutritious You Mock Taco Meat

Jack Cheese 3oz

Nutritious You Mock Jack Cheese Spread

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