Halloween Healthy Scary Snack For Kids

I wanted to bring a Halloween themed snack to my daughter’s school, here is my version of Healthy Scary Snack for Kids:

Halloween Healthy Scary Snack For Kids

All Organic Ingredients:

apples, peanut butter, and pine nuts.

Decorations on top are optional. I used dry apricot halves and a tiny bites of marshmallow for decorations. I secured everything with a toothpick.


Cut apples to four quarters and immerse them into a bowl with filtered water and several spoons of lemon juice, so the apples don’t oxidize right away.

Cut out the wall of each quarter so there is an open space for peanut butter and teeth (pine nuts).

I hope you enjoy this scary but healthy and yummy treat together with your kids! If you have another healthy treat idea, please let us know!

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