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Mini Protein Bar, Snack Bag

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Ingredients: cashews, sesame, almonds, oats, dates, figs, coconut, raisins, cranberry, hemp protein powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract, and Himalayan salt.

All organic ingredients. Contains tree nuts.


Mini Protein Bar, Snack Size, 2 minis.

Nutberry mini granola bar was originally created for 2 little hands. It was created by Marina Sommers, a health coach who was searching for a nutrient-dense healthy and quick morning snack for her kids. It turned out, adults also liked a smaller size bar so we kept it unchanged.

There are two packages available:

1 snack bag with 2 mini granola bars. Great for 1 person.

1 container with 12 mini granola bars. Keep it in the fridge for longer shelf life and enjoy with the whole family. It lasts for a month in the fridge.  Our gentle production insures no yucky stuff included in any of our products, no preservatives, no GMO, etc..

Its raw, vegan, organic, and nutritious!


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