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What is Nutritious You®: Nutritious You® is a new product line of healthy snacks created by AADP certified health coach, Marina Sommers. Marina’s original production goal was to fill a void in local food market offerings by creating a snack that was both healthy and tasty to her children. Today, the mission of the Nutritious You® team has evolved to provide nutrient-packed snacks to health-conscious consumers across the nation.

Nutritious You® products list: VeggiePulp crackers ~ SweetBeet crackers ~ Onion&Garlic crackers ~ CheezyKale chips ~ Rosemary Walnuts ~ Nutberry Mini Granola Bars ~ AlmondMaca Energy Balls ~ PeanutCacao Energy Balls ~ CacaoNib Macaroons ~ Fruit Leather Strips

Nutritious You® products do not have: preservatives, artificial flavors, dyes, chemicalized ingredients, food-like products created in a lab, any kind of yucky stuff that our immune system doesn’t recognize!

Nutritious You® Products have: high quality premium certified organic ingredients that come from the land, from our Earth. The only ingredient that is not certified organic is our fabulous Himalayan pink salt.

Production Process: Nutritious You® products are plant based. They are carefully handcrafted with love. The production process combines high quality organic vegetables, seeds and nuts. We soak and grind most of our seeds and nuts for better digestibility (less anti-nutrients, more bio-availability). We use filtered, pH neutral-to-slightly alkaline water for soaking. The products are then dehydrated below 118 degrees Fahrenheit to preserve nature’s nutrients. It takes from 24 up to 48 hours for a cracker to turn into a crispy savory delight. The result is a high-fiber, nutrient-packed, raw and vegan product composed of 99% certified organic ingredients.

Yes, the process is lengthy but you are worth it! This is what makes our products so nutrient rich. As one of the well-known health experts, Dr. Joel Furhman puts it, “Eat foods that are rich in micronutrients!” Check out first eight most nutrient-dense food groups here and you will understand why we choose plant-based diet!

We love what we do. We create guilt-free yummy snacks and desserts for your pleasure and nourishment!

Today, Nutritious You® products are well established in Sarasota, FL. Nutritious You is actively seeking retailers and distributors to expand to new markets.



do you have any fruit drinks

Marina Sommers

yes we do! we can make it to order as long as we have some fruits (it’s not in our menu)
we always experiment in the kitchen. Right now we have frozen smoothie that has 3 colors: blueberry layer, cashew layer, and raspberry layer. We also have Chia Mango pudding if you like fruity treats..


I love your concept and products. So Yummy!!
Quick question…. where do you source your produce? Do you use locally grown ingredients?

Marina Sommers

Thank you!
We try to find local vendors as much as possible. One of the requirements for our produce is it has to be organically grown. If you know of a local farm that has some produce for us in the summer time, please let us know..

Rhonda Sidlauskas

Your healthy pizza crust and toppings are fabulous. The men in our family absolutely love your products also.

Michelle Mancini

Best tasting healthy organic meals and snacks around!!! Thrilled to have found you:)))

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