How to Switch to a Vegan Diet Book

We are excited to introduce you to a local author who has a wealth of knowledge on how to transition into a plant based diet. She has her own practice and she can help you not just switch into this lifestyle but also help you to get fit. If you are interested to get fit and healthy, please read on! 

Merin Babich was born in Vermont and now spends her time between the USA and New Zealand. She holds a Sports Medicine degree in Exercise Physiology and several certifications in nutrition, behavior change, corrective exercise, and personal training. After losing several family members to chronic disease, she spent numerous years dedicating her time to researching nutrition and the food industry. Her most profound discovery was that both the global food and medical systems lack nutrition knowledge, and in no way promote health. It has therefore become her mission to educate the public on what real food is, how food translates to health, and how we are capable of controlling much of the disease (both physical and mental) in the world today.

It is time to ignore the trendy diets and educate yourself. The “How to Use Your Pie-Hole” book explores the world of plant-based eating in a raw, uncensored manner that will not only educate you, but will leave you giggling and wanting more. If you are looking to permanently eliminate ailments or disease, return to a healthy weight, get off your medications, and/or gain knowledge on what you should, or should not, be shoving down your throat, look no further. How to Use Your Pie-Hole will deliver the vital, yet provocative, information you’ve been waiting for!

This book is available in explicit version too! 😉 Stop by the Nutritious You Shop and check it out!


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