Water Consumption Statistics

Looks like we should be eating potatoes and cucumbers from now on!

Here is a great article in Huffington Post providing interesting statistics on global water consumption. It inspired us to make a few charts. Check it out!

It is not a secret that animal agriculture requires a lot of water to take care of massive amounts of large and small animals. My personal experience comes from visiting a local dairy farm that is well run and is considered one of the better ones. Seeing a river of water going through thousands of cows just to clean up all the waist and move it somewhere else was, quite honestly, shocking. This river has been flowing for years, every minute of our lives and this is just one small farm. It is a massive amount of water that’s flowing through every raw of stationed animals to move their waste some place else. This runoff is also one of the leading causes of rivers and lakes pollution.

Looking at other food items that we love, the vegetables win by leaps and bounds in creating the least water footprint for the environment.

Tree nuts are high in water consumption but good news is we don’t normally eat a pound of nuts at a time. One small handful is all we need per day. It amounts to approximately a half an ounce to an ounce.

Of all the animal products, beef is the worst offender. And even though the Huffington article says it takes 1847 gallons of water to make 1 lb of beef, the PETA article states it takes more then 2400 gallons of water. It is a lot, in both cases!

If you’d like to get more environmentally friendly, an interesting fact is that eating beef is actually worst than driving a car. So if you are on your conscious journey to become a planet savior, don’t rash to buy Tesla! A switching to a vegan diet will be a lot more efficient and benefitial to safe our natural resources and produce less harmful gases and waist.

“Eating one less burger a week is the same as taking your car off of the road for 320 miles. Skipping steak for a week, is the equivalent of not driving for almost 3 months! {..} Approximately, 70% of deforestation of the Amazon is to provide land for cattle ranches.” – those are some eye-opening statistics from the Meatless Monday article.

P.S. And btw, I was kidding! If you can afford Tesla, you should switch asap so we create less dependency on petroleum and stop digging our oceans!


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