Yummiest Bagel Alive Gives You High Vibrations!

Have you tried the yummiest bagel alive?😁😋 Yes it’s alive because it’s made from living ingredients ➡️ It’s technically called #rawvegan which means #livingfoods

In esoteric terms, you are energy, I’m energy, and every subject around us from the Planet to a rock on a hill, to a building in which you live, and a butterfly in a field, all is energy and each of us vibrate at a special frequency. We get to a lower frequency vibration when we are stressed, when we experience trauma, when we consume toxic substances or toxic food. Toxic food is anything that our immune system doesn’t recognize (what didn’t grow in our Mother Land, but was created in a lab).

Nutritious You Team is proud to offer the far opposite of the toxic collection of low vibrating ingredients. Our food is live and just like trees, ocean, and the crystal sands of Siesta Key, have a high vibrational frequency promoting health and well being. Indeed, our food is made from particles of the Mother 🌍 Earth!🙏🏼 Try our food for just a week, and you will see how awesome you feel! And then go hug a 🌴 tree and walk the 🏝 beach💚🌴🤩🌍💪🏽🙌

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