Harvey Diamond, a Living Legacy of Nutritional Wisdom

You know that feeling when you see someone walking a dog, running or biking by your house everyday and that person becomes almost like your family member? Well, there was this man riding his bike in the same outfit every time I drove on our street. Each time I saw him I wondered, “ Who is this guy exuding positive energy (sorry, I always pay attention to people’s energy) and why is he wearing the same outfit all the time?”

Harvey Diamond - Fit For Life

Harvey Diamond and Marina Sommers at the Fruitville Grove Pumpkin Fest

I soon found out when I was working at the Fruitville Grove Pumpkin Fest when I saw the same guy in the same white t-shirt and black shorts! I had to tell him that I knew him from our street! He then told me his amazing story.

When he was just 21, he was stationed in Vietnam and was exposed, like so many others, to Agent Orange, one of the heavy herbicides that has a long list of grim side effects. It took years for him to notice any changes in his body, but eventually his muscles started to give up on him and over time he has increasingly lost the use of his hands. He discovered Peripheral Neuropathy first hand. While most of the other veterans exposed to Agent Orange have passed away, he is still alive and in great shape. Even though he was unable to pick up the samples from my table, he had a happy energy and demeanor. As it turned out, he always wears the same outfit because they are the only clothes he can put on. He needs a special device to work on the computer and he has had to adjust greatly to perform his daily activities.

His enthusiasm and strength was an amazFitforlifecovering example for many of us who take what we have for granted and allow ourselves to slip into an unhappy depressive state.

This outlook on life and his longevity are the result of a life devoted to nutrition in which he shared his passion with others. In fact, it turns out that he is the famous author, Harvey Diamond, who wrote “Fit For Life” in the 80s! It has sold 14 million copies around the globe and been translated into 34 languages. After meeting him, I talked to others about his book; many people praised it for helping them to loose weight or reduce symptoms of sickness. I personally loved his casual writing style based on simple logic. It’s just so gratifying to meet a bestselling author who looks at health and illness prevention from the same perspective.

He is a great testament to what he has been preaching all his life and it was such an honor to meet him!

P.S. Since he liked my products at the fair, I grabbed a bag and collected different samples for him. I carefully folded the handles into his hand so he could carry it to the car. Then he came back with his favorite book, “Fit For Life, A New Beginning” and presented me the signed copy. This guy is amazing!


Jose Lunguna

Thanks about the article about Mr Diamond please can you send his email l want to invite him to give a talk.


I’m re-reading Fit for Life after 35 years. It is a truthful now as it was then. Wish I would have stuck to it, now I’m paying special attention to the wisdom of food combining at age 70. God bless you Harvey!


I just finished reading the book. I’m going to try his program… lots of good sense information

Veronica Hugger

Fit for Life was the first book I read that opened my eyes to nutrition and set me me on a life-long quest to get and stay healthy that continues today. You could say the Diamonds changed my life. I now host a podcast about nutrition and fitness. Thank you for sharing your story of meeting him.

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