Proper Detox With Loren Lockman

Founder/director of Tanglewood Wellness Center (Costa Rica) since 1996, Loren has studied the relationship between diet and health since 1977. After contracting chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, sinus infection, systemic candida, and 57 allergies in 1984, Loren walked away from medicine 3 years later and hasn’t been sick a day since. He’s taught thousands from over 100 countries how to achieve these results. An original thinker, gifted speaker, frequent talk-show and webinar guest, article author, reiki-master, 26-year raw vegan, poet, perma-culture instructor, and author of the unconditionally-guaranteed Creating Perfect Health System, Loren can show you how to maximize your health…guaranteed!

Date: November 14, 2018

Time: 1pm

Where: Nutritious You Vegan Take-out Shop on Siesta Key, FL

Subjects Covered:
* Why is cleansing/detox so important?
* How to detox effectively
* 9 common myths about fasting
* How to maintain your new clean state for life

Price: Free

How to Sign Up: please sign up either on FB or by sending us an RSVP note here.

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