Siesta Key Beach Cleanup

Siesta Key Beach Cleanup and Nutritious You Shop Initiative.

One of Nutritious You brand’s missions is offering healthy food to the community while not messing up the planet, our home. We are a green business and use eco-friendly practices in everything we do.
To go further and deeper into the subject of sustainability, we created a separate facebook page Nutritious You Sustain to offer educational information and awareness about plastic pollution, climate change, and health of our Planet. One of the initiatives/programs we started is a local beach cleanup. Please go to the events section of the above Facebook page to see our next clean up if you’d like to join us.
Walking + Picking Trash = Palking. You can accumulate 5000 steps of your daily exercise in just 1.5 hours on the beach and a full bag of trash. You get to talk to locals and visitors while “palking” to create more awareness about importance of keeping the beach clean. It is also a meditative experience.
Are you ready to join us?

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