Sarasota Honey

Introducing Sarasota’s Honey Company, ethically produced honey!

The Company’s team only gathers their honey from the bees when two requirements are met:

  • It is the start of the new pollination season and the bees have left for pollen collection in a different area.
  • The hives are completely full and there is no room for new honey collection to develop.

Benefits for All:

  • Sarasota Honey Company’s beehives are located all over the Sarasota and Manasota counties in residential communities, so this honey is as local as it gets! #supportlocal
  • It’s RAW which means unpasteurized. So no precious nutrients were lost in the process.
  • It helps with allergies known for the area. And as you know (to benefit from honey) you have to buy it from the local pollinating areas.
  • Paradise for bees. More demand=> the more beehives => more bees populations = more cross-pollination. It’s that simple. Lets create more bees!

An interesting fact:

Did you know that Monoculture (big scale production of one crop only) is super-harmful for bees and eco-systems in general. For instance, as Almond Milk is becoming more mainstream the demand is growing and production is scaling up.  The bees then get stuck in just one flower patch of one crop, this lead to bees having malnutrition, increased stress, and stagnation.


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