Nutritious You Subscription Meal Delivery Service Survey


Greetings! We here at Nutritious You hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time of the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic. In the spirit of safety, while simultaneously continuing to offer our service, we are looking at new ways to bring our healing food to our community. Now more than ever is a great time to incorporate vibrant, powerful, nutrient-rich plant-based foods into your diet to keep your immune system strong, so the Nutritious You team has been working on a subscription concept to help you ride this wave. We are looking for your feedback to ensure we meet your needs to the best of our ability. Here’s what we’ve come up with for you:


Nutritious You Weekly Online Subscription Service

  • Weekly delivery service to the Sarasota area
  • Choose between a 4-meal plan and a 6-meal plan
  • Optional add-on items such as our popular Raw Crackers, Spreads, Nuts, and Desserts
  • Delivery Days: Mondays & Thursdays
  • Pre-determined menu will be posted monthly on our website, with orders placed online by Saturday for the upcoming week
  • Incentives for subscribing for a full month and for referring friends

If you live within 20 miles of our Siesta Key location, please let us know your thoughts via this SURVEY before Monday, May 18th, 2020. We look forward to hearing from you and will post more concrete details once we have weighed all of your valuable feedback.


“Let Food Be Thy Medicine…” Hippocrates

Vegan Job Opportunity in Sarasota, FL

‼️Vegan Take-out Shop on Siesta Key, Nutritious You, is hiring‼️If you are into a healthy eco-conscious lifestyle, you will enjoy this job opportunity. The job requires a mixture of kitchen work, shop management, and customer service. Will train the right candidate.
Hours: 10am to 3pm, 20-37 hours a week.
Days: 5-6 days a week.
Pay: 10.00/hr to start if no experience.
When: January 6, 2020.
Opportunity to grow for the right fit.
excellent customer service skills and positive attitude at all times,
pleasant and enthusiastic with people,
passion for nutrition or vegan movement, eco-friendly movement,
extremely neat,
excellent assistant/housekeeping skills,
kitchen experience is helpful,
someone who always finds a job,
efficient and coachable,
reliable transportation,
high work ethics/standards,
absolutely trust-worthy.
Job Duties:
providing an excellent customer service,
responsible for cash register,
refilling ingredients containers, and keeping track of inventory,
communicating supplies to the management,
washing dishes,
keeping the space inside the kitchen, shop and outside clean at all times,
organizing storage on daily basis,
kitchen/shop/office help,
cleaning the bathroom, grease trap weekly and taking care of plants.
Closing the shop duties.
The job has 60 days probation period. If completed successfully, a review meeting for increase in pay will follow.
Must be able to provide 3 professional recommendations.

Sarasota Honey

Introducing Sarasota’s Honey Company, ethically produced honey!

The Company’s team only gathers their honey from the bees when two requirements are met:

  • It is the start of the new pollination season and the bees have left for pollen collection in a different area.
  • The hives are completely full and there is no room for new honey collection to develop.

Benefits for All:

  • Sarasota Honey Company’s beehives are located all over the Sarasota and Manasota counties in residential communities, so this honey is as local as it gets! #supportlocal
  • It’s RAW which means unpasteurized. So no precious nutrients were lost in the process.
  • It helps with allergies known for the area. And as you know (to benefit from honey) you have to buy it from the local pollinating areas.
  • Paradise for bees. More demand=> the more beehives => more bees populations = more cross-pollination. It’s that simple. Lets create more bees!

An interesting fact:

Did you know that Monoculture (big scale production of one crop only) is super-harmful for bees and eco-systems in general. For instance, as Almond Milk is becoming more mainstream the demand is growing and production is scaling up.  The bees then get stuck in just one flower patch of one crop, this lead to bees having malnutrition, increased stress, and stagnation.


Yummiest Bagel Alive Gives You High Vibrations!

Have you tried the yummiest bagel alive??? Yes it’s alive because it’s made from living ingredients ➡️ It’s technically called #rawvegan which means #livingfoods

In esoteric terms, you are energy, I’m energy, and every subject around us from the Planet to a rock on a hill, to a building in which you live, and a butterfly in a field, all is energy and each of us vibrate at a special frequency. We get to a lower frequency vibration when we are stressed, when we experience trauma, when we consume toxic substances or toxic food. Toxic food is anything that our immune system doesn’t recognize (what didn’t grow in our Mother Land, but was created in a lab).

Nutritious You Team is proud to offer the far opposite of the toxic collection of low vibrating ingredients. Our food is live and just like trees, ocean, and the crystal sands of Siesta Key, have a high vibrational frequency promoting health and well being. Indeed, our food is made from particles of the Mother ? Earth!?? Try our food for just a week, and you will see how awesome you feel! And then go hug a ? tree and walk the ? beach???????

Are Humans Carnivores or Herbivores?

It is a great question and it looks like it continues to be a controversial issue. Let us share with you a few facts. These are the reasons we promote plant-based lifestyle at Nutritious You.

  • Did you know that only 30% of animals on the planet are strict carnivores? 
  • We had our first agricultural revolution (domesticating animals) only 10,000 years ago.
  • Carnivores have different jaw contractions in comparison to herbivores and humans: they have fangs and bite in a sloppy, chomping, up-and-down motion to crush their prey.
  • Carnivores have short intestines so they can quickly get rid of all that rotting flesh they eat (unlike humans).

We don’t live in an era of food scarcity anymore like 10,000 years ago and earlier. We don’t require all the protein, cholesterol, and fat that comes from the meat. In fact, we believe that high protein needs are over-rated and over-marketed. Humans are currently over-consuming meat and at least 70% of population is fiber deficient. On top of that, we can survive and thrive without animal products so why not try it, or at least reduce your meat consumption. Here are some ecological reasons to consider.

  • Animal agriculture is bringing at least 20% of global warming through methane gas, deforestation, and other eco-unfriendly methods. With the global population growing (it’s estimated that 7 billion people will turn into 9 billion just in a few decades), current dietary choices will lead to more destruction. We need to look for new methods of survival for the future of our families.
  • Did you know that switching to a vegan diet is more beneficial to the survival of the planet than driving an electric car?

We are promoting new and urgent methods of living that will benefit the planet.

Let’s save the world, one plate at a time! ???


Additional articles:

Huffington Post

The Washington Free Beacon

2019 Summer Specials at Nutritious You

Introducing 2019 Summer Specials for the community of Siesta Key and beyond!

You gotta love how refreshed you feel after eating a raw vegan meal, especially on a hot day!  As always, the Nutritious You team loves being here to satisfy your taste buds with fresh, organic food.

If you follow us on Instagram, then you know that we are celebrating the summer months with some great new specials! As always, we appreciate your feedback on all of our food. So be sure to stop by on your way to the beach to try out this delicious food.

Our first special is one that every beach lover will enjoy! Our Tropical Spring Rolls are bursting with a beautiful combination of flavors from organic pineapple, carrots, bell pepper and ginger.


Served in a baby cabbage wrap with our famous almond butter sauce, this meal is nutrient dense and packed with fun flavors.

You all love our original lunch items like the Zoom and Heartbeet Burgers. Our next treat is the Summer Cucumber Salad, a perfect complement to many of our meals. Featuring thinly sliced cucumber rounds, with aromatic herbs, lemon and a sprinkle of pistachios… This salad is amazingly refreshing.

This yummy summer salad is extremely versatile. Come by the shop and pick up an order.

We know that you are all health-conscious and active, so we designed the perfect post-exercise snack. Next time you’re taking your morning run or bike ride stop by to try our Banana Chia Pudding. This treat is loaded with vitamins to put an extra bounce in your step. Featuring “graham cracker” crumbles made from gluten-free buckwheat, oat and pecans layered between lightly sweet, creamy chia-coconut… Our chia pudding is the perfect protein-rich breakfast or snack.

Handcrafted with Love,

Nutritious You


Marina Sommers and Raw Vegan Movement in the News

Check out the interview of Sarasota Magazine with Marina Sommers, the Founder of the Nutritious You Shop in Siesta Key, Florida. Learn about the raw-vegan movement and the benefits of this diet.  Find out what is the deference between raw-vegan and cooked-vegan food.

Plant-based movement is definitely growing, we can see it thru the eyes of our local community and visitors! ?♻️?  Please read the full article here:

and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

Protein Bar – Protein Star

Be our Nutritious You Star!??? We are featuring our new special this and next week until it lasts! It’s a great replacement of unhealthy protein bars, made from sprouted buckwheat, avocado, and peanut butter. Stop by Nutritious You Store on Siesta Key and try a sample. Let us know what you think!


How to Switch to a Vegan Diet Book

We are excited to introduce you to a local author who has a wealth of knowledge on how to transition into a plant based diet. She has her own practice and she can help you not just switch into this lifestyle but also help you to get fit. If you are interested to get fit and healthy, please read on! 

Merin Babich was born in Vermont and now spends her time between the USA and New Zealand. She holds a Sports Medicine degree in Exercise Physiology and several certifications in nutrition, behavior change, corrective exercise, and personal training. After losing several family members to chronic disease, she spent numerous years dedicating her time to researching nutrition and the food industry. Her most profound discovery was that both the global food and medical systems lack nutrition knowledge, and in no way promote health. It has therefore become her mission to educate the public on what real food is, how food translates to health, and how we are capable of controlling much of the disease (both physical and mental) in the world today.

It is time to ignore the trendy diets and educate yourself. The “How to Use Your Pie-Hole” book explores the world of plant-based eating in a raw, uncensored manner that will not only educate you, but will leave you giggling and wanting more. If you are looking to permanently eliminate ailments or disease, return to a healthy weight, get off your medications, and/or gain knowledge on what you should, or should not, be shoving down your throat, look no further. How to Use Your Pie-Hole will deliver the vital, yet provocative, information you’ve been waiting for!

This book is available in explicit version too! ? Stop by the Nutritious You Shop and check it out!


Be Our Eco-Hero!

We are excited to introduce our new program!✨
If you shop with us, you know we have some of the highest standards when it comes to being a green take-out food service. We take climate change issues seriously?. We don’t ever use styrofoam or triple layer non-recyclable plastic?. Our containers are 95% compostable and we are working daily on improving it and getting closer to 100%. Our food scraps are all collected and picked up by a local public garden. We are also a part of the Reducing Plastic Workgroup facilitated by Sarasota County.


We are taking one step further and by participating in our new program, you become Our Eco Hero!?Check out the details! Free hug is included??

Bring your own containers and get a discount!???.

Blood Test Analysis at Nutritious You, Sarasota, FL

Live Blood Test is Offered at the Nutritious You Shop again!
You will be able to see your own blood cells via microscope on the computer screen and see any potential abnormalities in the blood. It will reveal nutritional status of your blood health, and may pinpoint on digestive issues, parasites, fungus, iron levels, b vitamin levels, sugar levels, and more.

This is a fascinating experience!

WHEN: December 12, 2018

10:30-11:00 reserved
11:00-11:30 reserved for Divine Mommies
11:30-12:00 reserved for Divine Mommies
12:30-1:00 reserved for Divine Mommies
1:00-1:30 reserved for Divine Mommies
1:30-2:00 reserved for Divine Mommies
2:00-2:30 reserved

Appointment cost is $60. To book your appointment, please call Nutritious You 941-203-5203 or email us and provide the time slot you prefer and $20 deposit. Your appointment is booked when we receive a deposit. You can pay by cash, cc, or check to Nutritious You LLC. Please let us know if you have any questions.

We are so excited to provide you with this experience! We hope to make it a recurring event!

Proper Detox With Loren Lockman

Founder/director of Tanglewood Wellness Center (Costa Rica) since 1996, Loren has studied the relationship between diet and health since 1977. After contracting chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, sinus infection, systemic candida, and 57 allergies in 1984, Loren walked away from medicine 3 years later and hasn’t been sick a day since. He’s taught thousands from over 100 countries how to achieve these results. An original thinker, gifted speaker, frequent talk-show and webinar guest, article author, reiki-master, 26-year raw vegan, poet, perma-culture instructor, and author of the unconditionally-guaranteed Creating Perfect Health System, Loren can show you how to maximize your health…guaranteed!

Date: November 14, 2018

Time: 1pm

Where: Nutritious You Vegan Take-out Shop on Siesta Key, FL

Subjects Covered:
* Why is cleansing/detox so important?
* How to detox effectively
* 9 common myths about fasting
* How to maintain your new clean state for life

Price: Free

How to Sign Up: please sign up either on FB or by sending us an RSVP note here.

Blood Elixir, Liquid Chlorophyll

Happy Halloween Yesterday? Happy Chlorophyll Today!?

If you are feeling as tired as I’m after a late night with your kids trick or treating, the least you can do is infuse your family with immune system support items! [We know that immune system is compromised when we are tired]. We do enjoy green juices and we take vitamin C daily but we also like plain filtered water with liquid chlorophyll. We call it Blood Elixir and you can get a free sample at the Nutritious You Shop. It’s easy to drink as it has almost no taste. Your body absorbs it wonderfully in a liquid form, cleanses your blood from pathogens, alkalizes your body, gives oxygen to blood cells, and as a great side effect it strengthens your immune system. Another cool side effect is if you drink it every day you won’t need to use deodorant! It cleanses the body to the point so the sweat glands don’t produce any smell??Cheers to chlorophyll, one of the first life giving organisms on Earth!

Blood Elixir is Available at the Nutritious You Shop!

You can get a shot or a family size bottle! Come on over and try a free sample!

Lunch & Learn Event at Nutritious You

Come on over, have a high vibration, high quality food and high quality conversation with us at the Nutritious You Shop, Sarasota, FL!

We have a few cool guests visiting us over at Nutritious You and we wanted to invite you! They will share their expertise with us in a casual “round table” environment. Come on over, have some high-vibration food, get your questions answered!

It’s an open-house type of event, come on over any time between 11 and 2pm. One-on-one scheduling will be available too.

The topics will include wellness, nutrition, health, feng shui, and astrology.

First Guest:
Jacqueline Albert Pepper is a certified consultant and teacher of Classical Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology. Sign up for one-one-one is available on our Facebook Page, please post your preferable time with Jacqui.

Second Guest:
Josh Gerhardt is very knowledgable in topics of health and vitality and who will share with you the benefits of Blue Majik and other primordial products from the E3Live products. More details in our FB page.

Third Guest:
Carrie Eckert is a Mind-Body Health Coach, will be offering full body energetic balance testing. The sign up sheet is on FB or you can contact us directly to schedule your time with Carrie. She is back by popular demand as not everyone was able to do this testing at the last event. The sign up is available on our FB page.

Fourth Guest:
Evan Richland has been a practicing professional Astrologer for over thirty years. Considered “Humanistic” (Person Centered), and Process Oriented (less emphasis on prediction, more on your participation in influencing outcome), Evan combines his Astrological Counseling with a modest array of “psychic” gifts (Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Mediumistic, etc..). Strengths lie in Spiritual grounding, and Archetypal Psychology.
He can answer questions on Astrological topics that may require clarification.

Chef Judi Gallagher at Nutritious You Shop

Videos recap of Chef Judi visiting Nutritious You Shop on Siesta Key, FL

 It was great talking about what you do and what you love especially when both of those are the same !Sharing our mission and having fantastic team on board to have this ride together is the best! We invite you to connect with us on social media and visit us personally for free tasting of our offerings. Our dedicated team will be able to answer some of your dietary/nutritional questions too.

‼️We’ve been offering free tasting from the day we opened 3.5 yrs ago as we would like to break the stigma that vegan food is boring and full of restrictions- it’s amazing! Just read our reviews online!‼️?

FREE LIL PRESENT FOR ALL OF OUR VISITORS STARTING MONDAY, September 10, 2018 to celebrate the occasion! Buy at least $10 worth of products and get a snack bag of maple pecans! Available while it lasts. It’s a great snack to keep in your car for when you are stuck in traffic! ???
#veganrevolution #plantbased #healthwarriors #vegan #organic#glutenfree #weloveplants #eatyourplants #supportlocal #smallbusiness#mompreneur #vegantakeout #planteevolution #vegnews #sarasota#florida #siestakey #organicmeals #nutritious #madefromplants #abc7#abc7news #judigallagher #chefjudi

Facebook Video:

Suncoast Live Segment:


Visit us on Siesta Key, 6583 Midnight Pass Road, Siesta Key FL 34242

You can check out our menu here and order before ahead if you are short on time.

Carob vs. Cacao and a Vegan Protein Bread Recipe 

Do you know why we are so passionate about plant-based lifestyle? Because the nature always provides what’s best for us, or at least most of the time. Colorful variety of plants satisfy our taste buds while providing with proper nutrients. However, while some of our favorite plants and products may do just that, there are a few that can cause allergies and addiction. We are talking about chocolate! 

We all know how indulging chocolate is. However, there are some people who suffer from exhausting migraines just from one bite of chocolate. There are some who are sensitive to caffeine too and must avoid it at all costs. Carob powder is a great alternative, and here are a few reasons, why:

1. Since carob is caffeine-free, its not a nervous system stimulant, hence safe for kids and pregnant women. Chocolate is made from cacao beans which abundant in Theobromine, compound that has similar physiological effects to caffeine and doubles the stimulative effect.

2. Carob is free of Tyramine, a byproduct of Tyrosine, an amino-acid that may trigger migraine headaches.

3. Carob powder contains no sodium and no oxalates. Prevalent in cocoa, oxalates reduce your body’s ability to absorb calcium.  Carob is high in Calcium itself and fights against the main bone disease, osteoporosis.

4. Carob is high in potassium that is important for muscle and nerve health. Potassium also aids in bone density. 

5. Carob is gluten-free, low-fat and has a natural sweet flavor without added sugar, which makes it a new popular ingredient for baking healthier desserts. Besides that, it can help prevent spikes in blood sugar and be a safe dietary choice for diabetics. This is why it is so often used as a replacement for chocolate in various cultures because it also provides protein and fiber that chocolate lacks. This makes carob helpful for people trying to lose weight, without depriving their craving for some chocolate on occasion!

6. Carob has been shown to be highly effective against high cholesterol. Studies have shown that people given carob fiber significantly see a reduction in the blood levels of LDL or bad cholesterol.

7. Pet owners don’t have to worry about their pets stealing a piece of chocolate from the table. Carob doesn’t contain high levels of theobromine, a compound that is toxic to dogs and cats in large quantities. 

Give it a try – add carob powder to your smoothies or sprinkle on top of a fresh dessert or ice cream, add some to your dough when baking bread or brownies, and you sure wouldnt resist the hot carob drink either.


Vegan Carob Protein Bread Recipe:

1 cup almond milk
2 TBsp ground flex seeds
1/2 C melted coconut oil
2 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp almond extract
1 1/2 C chickpeas flour
1/2 C almond flour
1/3 C coconut sugar
1/3 C carob powder (add more for chocolaty flavor!)
2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp Himalayan salt
1/3 C almond butter or PB
1/4 C maple syrup
2 TBsp carob powder
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp almond extract


Water Consumption Statistics

Looks like we should be eating potatoes and cucumbers from now on!

Here is a great article in Huffington Post providing interesting statistics on global water consumption. It inspired us to make a few charts. Check it out!

It is not a secret that animal agriculture requires a lot of water to take care of massive amounts of large and small animals. My personal experience comes from visiting a local dairy farm that is well run and is considered one of the better ones. Seeing a river of water going through thousands of cows just to clean up all the waist and move it somewhere else was, quite honestly, shocking. This river has been flowing for years, every minute of our lives and this is just one small farm. It is a massive amount of water that’s flowing through every raw of stationed animals to move their waste some place else. This runoff is also one of the leading causes of rivers and lakes pollution.

Looking at other food items that we love, the vegetables win by leaps and bounds in creating the least water footprint for the environment.

Tree nuts are high in water consumption but good news is we don’t normally eat a pound of nuts at a time. One small handful is all we need per day. It amounts to approximately a half an ounce to an ounce.

Of all the animal products, beef is the worst offender. And even though the Huffington article says it takes 1847 gallons of water to make 1 lb of beef, the PETA article states it takes more then 2400 gallons of water. It is a lot, in both cases!

If you’d like to get more environmentally friendly, an interesting fact is that eating beef is actually worst than driving a car. So if you are on your conscious journey to become a planet savior, don’t rash to buy Tesla! A switching to a vegan diet will be a lot more efficient and benefitial to safe our natural resources and produce less harmful gases and waist.

“Eating one less burger a week is the same as taking your car off of the road for 320 miles. Skipping steak for a week, is the equivalent of not driving for almost 3 months! {..} Approximately, 70% of deforestation of the Amazon is to provide land for cattle ranches.” – those are some eye-opening statistics from the Meatless Monday article.

P.S. And btw, I was kidding! If you can afford Tesla, you should switch asap so we create less dependency on petroleum and stop digging our oceans!


Eat Your Veggies Fresh!

Eat your veggies fresh! ???

And by fresh we mean uncooked and unprocessed or minimally processed (minimally means just to break some fibers for better digestion like, for instance, blending or cutting).???

When someone turns towards a plant based diet for health reasons, they tend to think initially as long as it’s made from plants, it’s healthy. But you can be a very unhealthy vegan, #veganjunkie packing on French fries, vegenaise, and meat replacements. ???

We love cooked plantbased foods but it should fill no more then 50 % of your plate. The rest, at least 50% of your plate, should be fresh plants, variety of colors (greens, nuts, seeds, veggies, some fruits). Our belief, at Nutritious You, is as long as you focus on #micronutrients, your diet is pretty healthy. The only place to get your most amount of micronutrients (that includes antioxidants, enzymes, phytonutrients, anti-cancerous properties, alkalizing minerals) is fresh uncooked organic plants. Plants Rock! ???

But what about #macronutrients you may ask? …Good news! Plants have en


ough of them, as long as you eat variety. Macronutrients include carbs, fats, and proteins.???

Cooked plant-based food lacks in:

The above mentioned are all bioavailable from fresh plants and very much needed for healing and balancing our human systems.

???Eat Your Veggies Fresh!???

*info is taken from Brian Clement’s seminar/Hippocrates Institute of West Palm Beach, FL

Siesta Key Beach Trash

Siesta Key Beach Trash

If you are a visitor or a local, here are some statistics for you.

Please enjoy the Siesta Key beach and be mindful of the beautiful nature around you?☀?♻? Take your trash with you. There are at least two bins at every entrance: trash and recycling. Let’s keep the beautiful beach clean! ??


Siesta Key Beach Cleanup

Siesta Key Beach Cleanup and Nutritious You Shop Initiative.

One of Nutritious You brand’s missions is offering healthy food to the community while not messing up the planet, our home. We are a green business and use eco-friendly practices in everything we do.
To go further and deeper into the subject of sustainability, we created a separate facebook page Nutritious You Sustain to offer educational information and awareness about plastic pollution, climate change, and health of our Planet. One of the initiatives/programs we started is a local beach cleanup. Please go to the events section of the above Facebook page to see our next clean up if you’d like to join us.
Walking + Picking Trash = Palking. You can accumulate 5000 steps of your daily exercise in just 1.5 hours on the beach and a full bag of trash. You get to talk to locals and visitors while “palking” to create more awareness about importance of keeping the beach clean. It is also a meditative experience.
Are you ready to join us?


The Waste Reality 

The rate at which solid waste is being dumped around the world is alarming. According to a recent report by World Bank, waste being produced globally will almost double by year 2025. This will see solid waste increase from about 3.5 million tons to a whopping 6 million tons each day! This statistics spells chaos to flora and fauna in their natural habitat. If you can’t use reusable containers, recycling is a must, it is one of the best ways to ensure that we don’t reach a catastrophe point. Currently 90% of floating marine debris comprise of plastic. While it may shrink over a long period of time, it won’t disappear completely.

The Choices Your Can Make 

Nutritious You Snacks and Take-out Meals is a product line that is committed to making healthy, nutritious food while ensuring that the environment is kept safe and least effected. We do this by:

  • collecting all the food scraps for a local garden’s compost;
  • recycling all the glass, plastic, and metal;
  • using eco-friendly packaging along with our healthy food;
  • using only organic ingredients so natural food comes from the Land and goes back to the Land without chemical residues.

The packaging we use  is quite unique. We use 90% compostable parts (which you can safely dispose in the compost section of the trash) and 10% recyclable parts which you can easily recycle. To determine which package to compost and which to recycle, simply read the label embellished on that particular package.

We never use double-layered plastics.  We encourage the use of compostable

a sample of double-layered plastic, non-recyclable

because they are biodegradable and consequently cause less harm to the environment. When you choose Nutritious You take-out, you’ll be taking a proper care of your health as well as the environment. It’s an amazing win-win!

Say NO to Styrofoam & Double-Layered Plastic

It’s important to ensure that the other places you get your take-out from don’t use Styrofoam packages since it is the worst pollutant. It can cause irritation of the skin, eyes, respiratory tract and other body parts. It is the worst possible choice for take-out meals and unfortunately so many restaurants are still using it.

#BeTheChange and refuse #styrofoam #VoteWithYourWallet

Talk to the managers of those establishments that still use styrofoam and request a different material for your take-out meal.


Follow Nutritious You Sustain to create more awareness about sustainability choices and educate each other on better eco-friendly ways of living.


VeggiePulp Crackers and Fiber

VeggiePulp Crackers and the Amazing Health Benefits of Fiber

VeggiePulp Crackers, Nutritious You Original Flavor

Fiber is found in fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains, and it’s an essential part of a healthy diet. If you’re looking to feel full without overeating or would like to loose weight, getting enough fiber like what is found in our organic crackers is key. Here are some of the amazing benefits of eating fiber.

Fiber Helps You Eat Enough of the Good Stuff. If you’re planning meals with fiber in mind, you will inevitably gravitate toward healthy, plant-based options like whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes. Most of these foods contain both soluble and insoluble fiber to keep you at your healthiest.

Fiber Keeps the Digestive System Moving. Fiber helps soften and bulk up your stool, which allows the body to easily pass the waste and avoid uncomfortable constipation. 

Fiber Helps Support a Healthy Weight. It’s easy to eat a greasy bag of traditional chips in one sitting without feeling full. That’s because many salty snacks are devoid of much fiber and nutrition. But high-fiber foods tend to fill you up faster and keep you fuller for longer, leading to a trimmer waistline and the ability to say goodbye to the after-dinner cravings. For instance, you may feel full after eating just 3-5 pieces of Nutritious You crackers. Fiber is the main ingredient in each flavor and it has no simple carbs/gluten like wheat or rice.

Fiber Lowers Bad Health Numbers. Do you have high cholesterol or blood pressure? Is your body fraught with inflammation? Studies have shown that high-fiber foods may help reduce blood pressure, inflammation and cholesterol levels. In particular, the soluble fiber found in oats, flaxseed and beans is instrumental to lowering cholesterol.

Unfortunately, more than 75% of Americans are deficient in fiber and need to increase their intake. Here at Nutritious You, we make that easy by offering products packed with fiber. Check out our VeggiePulp Crackers, which are organic, raw, vegan, nutritious AND are made with a whopping 32% of fiber! These savory crackers go well with any dips or on they’re own, and they’re a great replacement for traditional chips or bread. They contain no fillers/flour and are made with organic veggie pulp, seeds and spices. We offer several other types of crackers, as well. Check them out here.  


Sources: Mayo Clinic, WedMd, and Dr.

Украинка в Америке

For my fellow Ukrainian immigrants especially those who would like to open a small business in the USA ? iporada is a great website that helps you navigate in your new country! From  to  Here is my interview/podcast with Andriy Boychuk about my experience as a business owner, how it all began, and my american dream journey.

Хочу поделиться опытом, честно и открыто, о моем пути от нелепого иммигранта до предпринимателя и эксперта в сфере здорового общественного питания. Как я достигла успеха в Америке и каким трудом это мне досталось.

Спасибо Андрей за интервью! Было приятно все вспомнить! ??

Listen or watch it here.

Nutritious You Crackers at the Earth Origins Market

Hey Sarasota Community, Friends, and Visitors!

We are so excited to announce that now you can purchase Nutritious You crackers from the shelves of the Earth Origins Market. This store is especially dear to our heart because we have been shopping there for the last eight years even before Nutritious You was born. Now our shop/food production facility is located right near, just across the Stickney Point Bridge on Siesta Key, so close that you can walk back and forth!

We are asking for your support! When you buy, a bag of Nutritious You crackers at Earth Origins, you support local artisan small batch production. It is very simple. You create more opportunity and stability for our team and, in return, you get more locations that offer our healing, high-vibrancy food.

Please share the love and pick up a bag while you are doing your grocery shopping. Meanwhile we will be working on creating more convenience for you and identifying more places where you can get our flavorful healthy offerings from.

And don’t forget to visit Marina, the crackers creator on Thursdays around noon at the Earth Origins on Sticky Point. You will get to taste different flavors and ask her any questions about us!

#SupportLocal #NutritiousYou #PowderedByPlants #FueledbyNutritiousYou

Cultivating Your Intuition Workshop

Cultivating Your Intuition Workshop, Sarasota, FL.

We have a great event in town and we wanted to share the details!

Carrie Eckert, Health & Wellness Coach, and Laura Zane, LMHC are facilitating an upcoming workshop all about tapping into your intuition.  Join them for an evening of magic and fun as they help you discover how to turn on and tune in to your own inner wisdom. You’ll discover that your intuition is your single greatest asset! You’ll explore your innate ability to sense the world around you as they guide you through activating meditations and creative exercises during this special 2 hour event. Find out more and register for a spot here:

When: Tuesday, May 9th from 6:30- 8:30 pm

Where: Expressive Arts 200 S. Washington Blvd. Suite #1

How: $35 in advance | $40 at the door


Carrie Eckert
Health & Wellness Coach
Carrie supports those suffering from symptoms such as fatigue, new and unusual pain, and environmental/food sensitivities. She uses mind body coaching techniques and her training in neurology and nutrition to help others take the steps needed to heal and thrive. You can read more about her background here

Nutritious You Products Purchase

Our latest updates are here!

~ We just updated Nutritious You products purchase section on the website. Please check out some new items on the Shop & Ship page. All the products you see there are available for purchase and we ship anywhere in the continental USA.

~ We added 3 bistro tables to our shop (one inside and two outside) so now you can enjoy your breakfast and lunch right here with us! …finally!

~ We are extending our hours of operations to 4 pm until September 1, 2017.

If you tried our food and have an opinion about it, please share your review with other customers. Lets give other people more details and knowledge about vegan food!

Spread the word! ?

You can find us on Trip Advisor, Google Business, Yelp, Happy Cow, and Facebook.

Health Promoting Gift Baskets and Gift Cards in Sarasota, FL

Give the Gift of Health this Holiday Season!

The Holidays are a time for festive gatherings, enjoying delicious food, exchanging gifts, and spending quality time with family and friends. During the holidays, peace and love is in the air as we’re overwhelmed by the energy of kindness and generosity. After all, this is the most wonderful time of the year! This holiday season, Nutritious You invites you to extend that warmhearted feel good energy beyond New Year’s Day…and even throughout the coming year.

The holidays can also be a time of overwhelming stress and high anxiety. Between dealing with crowded strip malls, traffic jams, online shopping, and watching your budget, it becomes easy to reach for unhealthy convenience foods.

Thankfully, Nutritious You has you covered! We offer a unique balance of nutrient dense foods with the added convenience of carryout. Stop by our shop and pick up a hand-made meal to go. We have many items on our take-out menu including pasta, burgers, pizza, taco wraps, and pad Thai. We can also accommodate special orders that are placed ahead of time on our website or called in.

Everything on our menu is made from scratch using only the finest ingredients. At Nutritious You, everything we prepare is raw, vegan, organic, and gluten-free. Come try a free sample of our snacks or treats.

‘Tis the Season of Giving

For the entire Holiday season, Nutritious You is offering custom-made gift baskets. We have several items to choose from, allowing you to customize the gift basket to your liking. Stop by and pre-order one today!

We also have gift cards available. Give the people you love the greatest gift of all this Holiday season; the gift of health!

Wishing you a healthy season of good times, good laughs, and good memories. Happy Holidays from Nutritious You!


Gift baskets are available for purchase at the Nutritious You shop. Gift cards come with a limited FREE mini basket.


Eating Healthy While On Vacation on Siesta Key

Are you vacationing on Siesta Key and looking for a healthy alternative to deep fried, greasy island appetizers? Perhaps you’re just visiting for a couple days and feel overwhelmed by the massive sized entrees with portions large enough to feed two, if not three people… With all of the (un)healthy options readily available, it becomes difficult to find healthy dining options. This can be especially true if you are on vacation and don’t have access to a kitchen to prepare your own foods.

Store Front FlipFlops

Fortunately, there is an option for healthy eating on the key after all. The best part is that you don’t even need to leave the beautiful island! All of the food offered at Nutritious You is organic, gluten free, vegan, and free of preservatives, and artificial colors and flavors. No matter what you order from the menu, rest assured it would contain only natural ingredients with no questionable chemicals. In other words, you will be able to pronounce all the ingredients.

In fact, every item on our menu is handmade from scratch and prepared fresh. Additionally, all of our items are made with the most important vitamin of all – Vitamin “L.” Yes, love. Every team member at Nutritious You is passionate about healthy living and is dedicated to providing delicious, nutrient-dense foods. Everything made at Nutritious You is infused with love and created with the intention of influencing radiant health and vitality.

Whether you’re in the mood for a burger or wrap or just want a healthy snack for the beach, we offer a wide variety of nutritious options. From crackers and dips to desserts and drinks - there’s something for everyone.

We’re conveniently located on Midnight Pass Road between Siesta and Turtle Beach in the South Bridge Mall. Before you hit the beach or head to the pool, stop by for some delicious and nutritious lunch. Come on in…..and ask for a free tasting. We love giving samples!

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 9.58.43 AM




Nutritious You

Handcrafted With Love

Visit us at:
6583 Midnight Pass Road

You can find this article in the Siesta Sand Newspaper, November 2016 issue.

Alkalizing Food and Live Blood Test Offered at Nutritious You Shop

In the July 2016 Issue of Siesta Sands newspaper, we talked about alkalizing vs acidifying foods. We shared how, in order to maintain a healthier state, we need to eat at least 70% of alkalizing foods on a daily basis. After all, we are what we eat. One of the missions of Nutritious You brand is just that, to provide you with alkalizing clean food.  Those include fresh juices, take-out meals, and nutrient-dense snacks. Check out the Siesta Sands article here.

Orange Carrot Ginger Turmeric JuiceTo give you more information on the topic and add a little extra to our offerings, we have invited Brandi Stewart, Nutritional Microscopist from Tampa, FL. Brandi is coming for the second time, due to a popular demand. She is bringing her equipment to the Nutritious You shop on October 13th, 2016 and will be offering Live Blood Nutritional Analysis Test. It basically means you will be able to see your own blood cells on the computer screen, live. She will be able to pin point any possible maladies by analyzing your blood cells. For instance, you can see if you just had an acidic meal, or if you have yeast or heavy metals in your blood, if your adrenals or hormones in a healthy state or not.

It is also a great opportunity for those who took the test in the past to re-check and see the changes in your health. Hopefully those are the positive ones. Why make resolutions on January 1st if you can start today. You have plenty of time to make positive changes!

Check out the Blood Test Analysis Flyer for more information.

When: October 13, 2016

Where: Nutritious You Shop

Time: Must make an appointment: 941-203-5203

Price: $50 for Live Layer Test, 30 minutes, $10 cash (or $10.50 CC) deposit required.

$99 for Dry Layer Test, $99 minutes, $20 cash (or $21 CC) deposit required.

Note: DO NOT eat two hours before your appointment. Water is ok, but no solid food/coffee for best results. Check out the pictures of different blood cells here to learn more about the test.

Blood Test Deposit

What’s NEW on the MENU?

What's NEW on the MENU? featuring one of our most popular items of all times, Siesta Snacker.

~ Siesta Snacker ~

Our Siesta Snacker is not new but remains one of the top sellers, wrapped in our nutritious spinach tortillas, with mock Jack cheese spread, mock taco "meat" (made out of pistachios and walnuts!), and a few slices of veggie for crunch.

Lasagna ~ Our NEW Lasagna bowls, packed and layered contain zucchini pasta, our specialty vegan ricotta "cheese", VEGIterranean burger crumble (mock beef), topped with our delicious Pesto and chopped vegitables. The perfect on the go meal!

~Lasagna ~

 Our NEW Lasagna bowls, packed and layered contain zucchini pasta, our specialty vegan ricotta "cheese", VEGIterranean burger crumble (mock beef), topped with our delicious Pesto and chopped vegetables. The perfect on the go meal!

TUNO Wrap ~ Our NEW Tuno Wrap, it's our "Tuna" (garbanzo beans, red onion, celery, dulse, fresh dill, spices), wrapped in our VeggiePulp tortillas (32% fiber in those wraps!). Served with sliced cucumber and lemon tahini sauce. However, we just tried it with Mango sauce, and it's a bomb!

~ TUNO Wrap ~

Our NEW Tuno Wrap, it's our "Tuna" (garbanzo beans, red onion, celery, dulse, fresh dill, spices), wrapped in our VeggiePulp tortillas (32% fiber in those wraps!). Served with sliced cucumber and lemon tahini sauce. However, we just tried it with Mango sauce, and it's a bomb!

Naked Falafel ~ Our NEW falafel burger has no bun because who needs it? It's filling plenty! It comes with lemon tahini spread atop a fresh bed of greens, topped with a vibrant Mango salsa.

~ Naked Falafel ~

Our NEW falafel burger has no bun because who needs it? It's filling plenty! It comes with lemon tahini spread atop a fresh bed of greens, topped with a vibrant Mango salsa.

Interested to know about the quality of our take out meals? Here is a few bits of information. Our whole food production is done strictly in reverse osmosis + pH slightly alkaline filter. We soak and grind our seeds, nuts, and grains for better digestibility and more nutrient value. The nutritional tables below show how much goodness you really have in our meals:

Spinach Tortilla Wrap (corn-free) that comes with Siesta Snacker, nutritional information. 1 serving = 2 wraps.

Spinach Tortilla Wrap (corn-free) that comes with Siesta Snacker, nutritional information. 1 serving = 2 wraps.

VeggiePulp Wrap that comes with Tuno. As we don't use any grains in our crackers, the base is veggies and veggie pulp! It explains why all of our crackers and wraps are so nutrient-dense!

VeggiePulp Wrap that comes with Tuno. As we don't use any grains in our crackers, the base is veggies and veggie pulp! It explains why all of our crackers and wraps are so nutrient-dense!

Vegan Protein

When considering going vegan you may wonder, “Where am I going to get my protein?”  The simple answer: everywhere.  Protein can be found in all plant foods.  Whether you are a child, a pregnant mother, a high intensity athlete, or a hard working adult striving to maintain a healthy life, a whole foods plant based diet will cover all of your protein needs.

There are 20 amino acids necessary for humans to function and rebuild cells.  Our bodies naturally regenerate over half of those, leaving only 9 as essential amino acids that we must consume from diet.  Foods that contain all 9 are called complete proteins. Quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, spirulina, hemp seeds, chia seeds, soy, rice and beans or lentils, seitan, hummus and pita, or a peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread are all examples of plant based complete proteins.  What is important to note, however, is that it is not necessary for humans to consume all of their sources of protein as complete proteins; the body can absorb all essential amino acids from eating a variety of plant foods throughout the day.

when buying soy beans, choose organic insuring you are buying GMO-free product.

The standard American is consuming 80% more protein than recommended by the FDA, and even those target levels are inflated due to the heavy hand of the meat and dairy industry in food policy.  The World Health Organization—unbiased from American “Big Food”—recommends that protein make up only 5-10% of one’s daily intake of calories.  That is not a lot of protein.  Take fruit for instance: most fruits have a makeup of 6-8% protein.  Even if you only ate watermelon and oranges for the day, if you consumed the proper amount of calories, you would still meet your protein requirements and almost all key vitamins and minerals.  Vegetables have higher percentages, averaging around 15% protein, and the most protein dense foods like beans, nuts, seeds, and dark leafy greens contain an upwards of 20-30% protein.  Sea plants like nori and spirulina are even 50% protein!

The plant kingdom contains all of the necessary nutrients for humans to live and thrive.  In fact, plants are the original source! A diet based around plant based whole foods guarantees you will get as much protein as you need, regardless of your age, activity level, or health condition.

Plants surpass meat and other animal products in nutrition far beyond mere protein content, however.  Plants are all encompassing for a healthy diet.  They provide fiber, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, water, phytochemicals, antioxidants, natural enzymes, and many other beneficial natural properties. What they do not contain is the bad stuff—artery-clogging cholesterol, trans-fat, cancer-promoting carcinogens, growth hormones, and a multitude of additional health hazards.

If you eat a diet of whole food plants you will receive everything you need and nothing you don’t.  In addition to promoting your life, you will be promoting compassion, peace, and global responsibility as well.  Eating plants is a win-win!

By Jacalyn Webster from

Tortilla Nutrients

We just received  Nutritional information for our corn-free Tortilla Crackers! How great it is to know that no matter what you choose to get from our menu, be assured you get an amazing amount of nutrients. This nutritional table below applies to our plain tortillas, tortilla wraps in Siesta Snacker, and tortilla crackers.  Check out the content of Vitamin K (WOW!), Vitamin A, Manganese, Magnesium, and Fiber! Enjoy our products without the guilt!
 Tortilla Nutri Collage
It is for a reason we are called Nutritious You!

Trip Advisor


Trip Advisor Review.

If you’ve visited our shop and enjoyed our food, please give us a review on TripAdvizor so other people can learn more about us. Our food is not a mainstream and your opinion/description matters a lot!! It helps other customers find healthy options! Every single opinion matters.

THANK YOU for helping us!! 

Orange Juice copy

Siesta Snacker

We would like to feature the Siesta Snacker in this article. It is one of our very popular items on the menu and here is why. Three little tortilla wraps are corn-free and chock-full of organic fiber. They come with our mock taco meat or avocado, jack “cheese” spread, and a a few veggie bites and greens to add some crunch. As you may know, raw vegan food can be very filling and satisfying, you will be comfortably full without heaviness in the stomach.

Siesta Snacker1

You can now order them and other menu items online and pick it up at the shop during business hours. To order, go to Order Online to Grab & Go section.

You can also order round tortillas separately with our mock taco meat and jack cheese. With these three items you will be able to create your own tacos at home adding your favorite veggie fillers later.


Nutritious You Mock Taco Meat

Jack Cheese 3oz

Nutritious You Mock Jack Cheese Spread

Healthy Food on Siesta Key

When you visit Siesta Key, Florida, stop by our Nutritious You shop! We have a great selection of healthy food for you to take to the beach to munch on. Whether you need snacks, drinks, or take out items, everything is nutrient-dense and packaged in compostable containers. Our food is as holistic as it gets, vegan and minimally processed, it is created of at least 95% organic ingredients. Order directly from our website and pick up at your convenience. Then walk across the street to see the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and enjoy your view and our food.

Siesta Key 2015

Healthy Snacks Wholesale

We have variety of healthy snacks available for wholesale. Please contact us directly here with any inquiries.

The list of products that doesn’t require refrigeration:

Crackers/Chips: VeggiePulp crackers, SweetBeet crackers, Onion crackers, corn-free Tortilla crackers, CheezyKale chips. Two sizes available.

Nuts/Seeds: Rosemary Walnuts, Cosmic Curry Cashews, Siesta Seeds. two sizes available.

Other: Fruity Rolls.

The list of products that requires refrigeration:

Treats: PeanutCacao Energy Balls, AlmondMaca Energy Balls, LemonMatcha Balls, CacaoNib Macaroons, RedVelvet Macaroons, Peanut Butter Cookies, Mini Protein Bars, Chia Mango Pudding, Bagels, Cake Pops.

Deli Items: variety of Veggie Burgers, Falafels, Zuchini Pasta with tomato or pesto sauce, Jack Cheese spread, SourCream & Dill spread, Pesto, Tomato Sauce, Beanless Hummus, Taco mock meat, Tortillas, Pizza Slices, Onion Rye Bread.

Esplanade 2015 1

Please go to our Menu Online Ordering page to see the pictures and read descriptions.

Nutritious You in the News

January 14, 2017, SNN Weekend Edition, Experience the Suncoast.

January 2016, Edible Sarasota, New Year’s Resolutions article, page 31.

Edible Sarasota

January 2016, Nutritious You is featured in, the local news website covering the Crystal Ball Fundraiser event for Selby Public Library.

August 26, 2015, Nutritious You products featured in the gluten-free segment on ABC 7 Sarasota TV Channel

August 26, 2015, Suncoast View Show on ABC 7 TV Channel,  starts the show with Nutritious You house juice, a healthy way to start the day!

July 6, 2015, grand opening announcement in the Herald Tribune Sarasota newspaper.

July 2015, page 6 grand opening announcement in the Siesta Sand newspaper.

June 1, 2015 Nutritious You Adds Bricks to Clicks, an article by Marie Oser about us, a best-selling author, writer/producer and a host in VegTV.

May 14, 2013 Sarasota Post writes about Nutritious You, Healthy Deserts.

August 27, 2012 Your Observer visited Marina Sommers, the founder of Nutritious You brand in her kitchen. If you live in Florida or in another sunny hot place, you have to check out her Chilled Avocado Soup in this segment!


we keep updating this page so stay tuned…

Cupcakes Strawberry

Nutritious You Shop Feedback

Nutritious You Shop is Asking for Your Feedback!


It’s a fuzzy lovely comforting feeling knowing that we can offer people with strict dietary restrictions (gluten-free, dairy-free, chemical-ridden-ingredient-free) such a nice veriety of food. We have been getting awesome feedback from the community. People appreciate being able to find high quality nutrient-dense food that is also delicious! Thank you to all the locals and visitors who has made our first 2.5 months a great fulfilling experience. As always we would love to hear any constructive criticism or even just a few nice words our way. Please leave your reviews when you visit us! You can do it on Google, Yelp, and here on our FB page.

THANK YOU from the Nutritious You Team!!!!

Beet Burger Heart 1

Nutritious You Shop on Siesta Key

We are excited to announce that our retail shop is now open! We invite you to visit and taste unique food items created and handcrafted with love.  In addition to our usual healthy snacks line, we are now offering freshly made house juice, coffee/tea, breakfast snacks, limited take out items, and food prepackaged that you can assemble at home to your liking.

Address: 6583 Midnight Pass Road, Siesta Key, FL (inside the courtyard)

Hours Mon-Sat 9:00 – 3:00

Please leave us any questions/comments and feedback in the comments section and check out the pictures below:

Shop Sign

Shop Shelves



Shop M BeetBurgers

Shop Blackboard

How to Cope with Loss

In the health and wellness field, we understand that no matter how healthy our habits or what brand of olive oil we buy, we also need to closely monitor our stress level.  Stress is one of the main culprits of disease.  It is acidifying for our bodies and its impact on our health can be as important as nutrition, if not more.  Loss, grief, and pain are part of all of ours lives and are the key triggers for stress.  At Nutritious You headquarters, we are happy to share with you the wonderful service that Kandy Magnotti offers. She works with all types of people to help them through loss. She will help you get back to your life in a shorter and more meaningful way.  Please find more information below.



Kandy Magnotti, MA, MFT is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, a Healing & Transformation Coach, and the Founder of Life THROUGH Loss™.

Life THROUGH Loss™ is a holistic practice based in Sarasota, FL specializing in grief, loss, illness, and trauma for the individual and family. Through a step-by-step process Kandy Magnotti helps those who are experiencing grief from any emotional loss recover, heal, and transform THROUGH the experience. The Life THROUGH Loss™ philosophy stands by the notion that when you are in emotional pain it is your heart that is broken, NOT your head.

Life THROUGH Loss™ services include individual, couples, family, and group counseling and coaching, holistic retreats, workshops, speaking engagements, and regular talk-radio hosting.

Kandy Magnotti practices a mind~body~spirit approach to working with her clients which often includes assessing how your diet is impacting your emotional pain and causing roadblocks to your healing.

For more information or for a FREE consultation, call 941.306.1232 or visit


Do you want to cope with loss or do you want a Life THROUGH Loss™

Link to the Interview above:

Reuse, Recycle, Compost!

5 terrifying facts about plastic:


If we continue with trashing our planet at this rate, our kids might be covered in bottles by year 2050! Fortunately, there are some changes for the better happening in the food industry. For example, some local restaurants have moved to compostable containers already.  Unfortunately,  there are no compostable facilities here in Sarasota, FL so it all ends up in landfill and it will take forever to disappear.  It is also important that the compostable containers don’t get into recyclable bins so as not to spoil the whole recycling batch. If only someone took it as a busines opportunity and founded a commercial composting facility!

Now, two weeks before the Nutritious You Shop opens, I am consumed with what kind of containers to buy for a few take out items that we will have. Do you have any recommendations? I am working hard on trying to make it as green as possible and would love to hear any input on how to reduce the amount of plastic. I appreciate any ideas!

Feedback Needed!

Feedback Needed!

As we just announced (happy face), we are building our own Nutritious You Shop in the South end of Siesta Key, FL! Stay tuned for the opening date!
It would be great to learn what specific items you would like to see available in our shop. Any feedback is highly appreciated! We might not be able to satisfy everyone’s needs/desires, but we will try our best!

Please send your suggestions within the following parameters. All of our food is vegan and gluten free. Additionally, most of our food is technically raw (minimally processed and dehydrated under 118 degrees Fahrenheit). We use no ovens or stoves in our kitchen!

Any ideas are welcome! Please use the comments section!

Mini Granola Bar

Nutberry Mini Granola Bar, comes in different packages, from a snack bag to a family container.


Nutritious You Products Video

Nutritious You Products Video. Please watch this two minute video to learn about our nutritious products and production process:

You can learn more in details about the products and production process in the “Production” page. You can leave any comments or feedback about the products below in the comments section. We are looking forward to haring from you!

Nutritious You Team

What is a Healthy Diet?

What is a healthy diet? Is it Atkins? Is it Paleo? Is it vegetarian?

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is one of the most respected experts in the health and wellness industry and the author of bestselling books on nutrition. He suggests consuming food groups that are rich in micronutrients.  When the body receives plenty of micronutrients, it starts to clean itself of a variety of ailments while getting all of the ingredients necessary for healthy operation. Additionally, it’s a great way to prevent nutrient deficiencies.  Micronutrients are vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and enzymes.  When our diet is full of these, we don’t have to worry about ailments.

Macronutrients are also necessary for our survival. This includes proteins, fats, and carbs. You don’t have to worry about being deficient in macronutrients, per Dr. Furhman’s suggestion, as the foods that are rich in micronutrients already have an appropriate amounts of healthy fats, carbs, and proteins for us humans.

Here is a visual starting with the most nutrient-dense foods to the least:


Whatever diet you choose, stay away from refined sweets, even if the package says “All Natural” and “Gluten Free”!

How to Become Vegan?

How to Become Vegan? Here is my intake.

Here is a quick and easy way to transition to a vegan lifestyle!

  1. Try your first juice cleanse for one day. Next season, try a three day juice cleanse. Three months later, repeat your three day cleanse or (if you are up for it) go for the whole week. The juice cleanse is not only great for purpose of cleansing your body, but it also serves as a “reset” button for your daily dietary choices. The more you do it, the more you will be inclined to consume less toxic foods in the future. I highly recommend doing it with the help of specialist (nutritionist, health coach, etc)
  1. Watch the movie EarthlingsAnyone consuming meat should at least know a bit about the process.
  1. The World Peace DietRead “The World Peace Diet”, a book by Dr.Will Tuttle. This book might turn you vegan overnight. I personally know some people in my community. Btw, Dr. Tuttle just visited Sarasota last weekend.
  1. Attend local MeetUp groups and research lectures available in your area. Commit to going to at least one every three months. There are plenty of well-known people in the wellness world that are on a mission to bring you the information. Some of the names to look for are: Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Brian Clement, Victoria Moran, Matt Monarch, David Wolf, Dr. Will Tuttle, Dr Joel Furhman and many others. They have their travel schedules on their websites.

It is not easy to steer away from the traditions of the mainstream society. Some do it gradually, like I did, and some just turn vegan over night. Ultimately, it is an individual journey of your own choosing.

If you’ve switched to a vegan diet, please share what was the trigger for you!


Local Links for People in Sarasota, FL:

VegSarasota Community

Raw Vegan Sarasota

Nutritious You FB page

Dr. Brian Clement in Sarasota, FL


Some Educational Links:

Dr. Furhman’s Healthiest Diet

– Greenhouse effects from different kinds of eating habits; Sources of Methane

The carbon foodprints of five diets compared

7 Charts That Could Convince You To Become A Vegetarian

Potluck with Dr. Will Tuttle Followed by His Lecture, Sarasota FL

If you are:

  • located in the Sarasota, FL area
  • interested in increasing the amount of plant-based choices in your diet
  • curious to learn where your food comes from,

Join me at this communal event, Potluck with Dr. Will Tuttle in Sarasota FL, followed by his lecture! Go to, join the VegSarasota group and RSVP to the event below. You can also confirm with me and I’ll add you as a guest. It’s a potluck followed by Dr. Tuttle’s lecture. You can meet him personally and have him sign his book at the event:

Meet Dr. Will Tuttle live, in Sarasota, FL


Dr Will Tuttle has been one of the key influences in my nutritional/wellness journey. My definition of wellness was enriched and multiplied after I read his book, The World Peace Diet. It’s not that information was new to me, but it was the amount of statistics and research that this book offered. It was the “icing on the cake” for my final decision to never eat meat again. This book has converted many people into vegans overnight. Wellness as I know it now is not just of my own, but it is a wellness of the entire living organism which I am a part of. Whatever affects me, equally affects my neighbor, my planet, my universe. I am so grateful for his knowledge.

Get influenced by the best!


P.S. Check out if he is coming to your area in 2015:

Nutritious Story Book for Kids

Yummy Tummy Rainbow Garden, Teaching Children of all Ages to Eat Well.

yummy tummy rainbow gardenIf you are looking for a great storybook that will also educate your child about making smart nutritious choices, I recommend Yummy Tummy Rainbow Garden. It is especially dear to me because I know a little bit how this book came to be.

My daughter was lucky enough to go to Earth Angels, a green preschool owned and run by Karen Leonetti in Sarasota, FL. Karen not only survived a deadly disease, but she also built up her immune system over the last 15 years to stay healthy. She applied the lessons learned in recovery to her school as kids played in the dirt planting seeds and had Green Monster smoothies from organic veggies and fruits.

Karen was always able to use her vivid imagination and connection with children to share compelling stories with her students. Finally, friends and family convinced her that she had to write a book to share the power of her story beyond the immediate community.

Read more

Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe

I just had a pleasure chatting with Marie Oser, the healthy lifestyle expert, environmental advocate, and a president and host of She’s been vegan since 1990. She shared with me her favorite “turkey” dish, vegan Thanksgiving recipe.  I will be making it for the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner (to try and convert my family to turkey free dinner, shhhhhh……!!!). I wanted to share the recipe with you right away so you have plenty of time to get the ingredients and maybe even practice once.


Festive Vegan Holiday Roast

Save the planet, save money, save a turkey!

Sierra Exif JPEG

Vegan Turkey, Festive Thanksgiving Dinner


Stay tuned for a mouth watering Cranberry Chutney recipe!

Halloween Healthy Scary Snack For Kids

I wanted to bring a Halloween themed snack to my daughter’s school, here is my version of Healthy Scary Snack for Kids:

Halloween Healthy Scary Snack For Kids

All Organic Ingredients:

apples, peanut butter, and pine nuts.

Decorations on top are optional. I used dry apricot halves and a tiny bites of marshmallow for decorations. I secured everything with a toothpick.


Cut apples to four quarters and immerse them into a bowl with filtered water and several spoons of lemon juice, so the apples don’t oxidize right away.

Cut out the wall of each quarter so there is an open space for peanut butter and teeth (pine nuts).

I hope you enjoy this scary but healthy and yummy treat together with your kids! If you have another healthy treat idea, please let us know!

Harvey Diamond, a Living Legacy of Nutritional Wisdom

You know that feeling when you see someone walking a dog, running or biking by your house everyday and that person becomes almost like your family member? Well, there was this man riding his bike in the same outfit every time I drove on our street. Each time I saw him I wondered, “ Who is this guy exuding positive energy (sorry, I always pay attention to people’s energy) and why is he wearing the same outfit all the time?”

Harvey Diamond - Fit For Life

Harvey Diamond and Marina Sommers at the Fruitville Grove Pumpkin Fest

I soon found out when I was working at the Fruitville Grove Pumpkin Fest when I saw the same guy in the same white t-shirt and black shorts! I had to tell him that I knew him from our street! He then told me his amazing story.

When he was just 21, he was stationed in Vietnam and was exposed, like so many others, to Agent Orange, one of the heavy herbicides that has a long list of grim side effects. It took years for him to notice any changes in his body, but eventually his muscles started to give up on him and over time he has increasingly lost the use of his hands. He discovered Peripheral Neuropathy first hand. While most of the other veterans exposed to Agent Orange have passed away, he is still alive and in great shape. Even though he was unable to pick up the samples from my table, he had a happy energy and demeanor. As it turned out, he always wears the same outfit because they are the only clothes he can put on. He needs a special device to work on the computer and he has had to adjust greatly to perform his daily activities.

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To celebrate our transition to new labels featuring nutritional information for our crackers/chips bags and to announce our brand new website, we are offering you this promo deal!

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Nutritious You is Going to #EXPOEast !

An amazing event is coming up for #NutritiousYou #HealthySnacks. The countdown begins today and it’s getting more exciting as we start packaging the boxes to be shipped to Baltimore!

ExpoEast is a huge trade show for natural products of all sorts starting with healthy snacks and ending with supplements, body care, and eco-friendly anything. It is my kind of paradise.

Last year, I went there as a visitor and had a blast. I saw amazing people that are a driving force in the natural industry. This year, while I won’t be able to roam around too much, I am excited to be presenting my product line. If you are going to the event, please stop by our booth #8228 to say hello and to taste our snacks. We will be presenting 4 products this time:

~VeggiePulp crackers, made out of mainly carrot pulp and some amazing spices
~SweetBeet crackers, made mainly from beets, for those with sweet tooth
~CheezyKale chips, cheesy but dairy free
~Rosemary Walnuts, full of healthy oils and savory flavor.


Nutritious You Snacks are:

~ Gluten Free
~ 99% Organic
~ No preservatives
~ No chemicalized artificial dyes/food colors
~ No yucky stuff!
~ Dehydrated at a low temperature to preserve nutrients
~ Raw & Vegan

Please use the contact tab for any questions.

Fruit Leather Rolls Recipe

Fruit Leather Rolls Recipe

These Raw/vegan fruit treats are free of white sugar, uncooked so all the fruity nutrient goodness is  still there. This recipe is yummy, so easy to make, and it is a much healthier treat for the kids. I tested it on quite a few children and everyone loved it. You don’t need to feel guilty when you eat Nutritious You Treats!

Nutritious You ™ Trademark


TrademarksymbolSuper-Exciting News! Nutritious You LLC has submitted the application for federal registration of the Nutritious You Trademark. Now when you see ™ near the name, you know what I mean! 


2019 Awards for Nutritious You, Vegan Take-out

2019 has been quite a year for us! All of this hit us by surprise, for sure. In total, we received three awards, you can find more details below. Thank you so very much for your continuous support!




  • Best of SRQ Local, SRQ Magazine, Readers Choice Award, page 26.
  • Best Vegan & Gluten Free Snack Brand USA. Food & Drink Awards 2019, hosted by LUX Life. Press Release and more details.
  • Best of 2019 Siesta Key, vegan restaurants. Press Release and more details.

Thank you for your continuous support!!!


Nutritious You Winter Break Hours

Nutritious You Vegan Take-out Shop will be closed in observance of winter break,
December 25, 2019 – January 4th, 2020 to spend time with family.
We will re-open on January 6th, 2020.

Thank you for understanding and sorry for inconvenience. We look forward to seeing you in 2020 and bringing you more healthy deliciousness!

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