VeggiePulp Crackers (Bulk)

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Buy raw, vegan, organic crackers in bulk size and save! These crackers are so healthy, they contain 32% fiber and all kinds of other goodies! Check out the next image for ingredients list and nutrient content.

16 oz in a ziploc bag

3 oz kraft bags are also available in the store.

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VeggiePulp crackers are raw, vegan, organic, and nutritious. They are made literally from pulp! We make organic juice out of carrots, celery, and kale and drink it up! Then, full of energy, we grind and soak flax seeds for better digestibility. Later, we combine that pulp, seeds, and spices all together and dehydrate the mixture under 118 degrees Fahrenheit so to preserve nature’s nutrients. Result is a savory delicious flavor that is a perfect snack on its own or with a dip.  Imagine VeggiePulp and guacamole… or VeggiePulp and Raw Goat Cheese! Yummmm…

VeggiePulp crackers are:
Low In Saturated Fat
Naturally Cholesterol Free
High in Dietary Fiber
Good Source of Potassium
Good Source of Vitamin A
Good Source of Vitamin B1(Thiamin)
Good Source of Phosphorous
Good Source of Copper
Good Source of Iron

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Weight 16.00 oz
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 3 in


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